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Winterizing pools in South Carolina

We often get asked – should I drain my pool for the winter? And the answer to that question is easy – NO. Especially in Myrtle Beach and the coastal areas, the water table is too high to drain your pool. We have pictures of pools actually “popping” out of the ground because there is nothing in the pool to resist the pressure from the water table.

So, what, then, should pool owners do to prepare their pools for winter in South Carolina? We recommend continuing your pool care from the summer, just not as often. Algae grows any time the water is above 55 degrees. And, in South Carolina, the air temperature stays above 55 degrees, on average, year-round. So this means you must continue to fight algae year-round. Remember, we can’t drain the pool water to prevent algae growth.

You prevent Algae growth by treating the water with chlorine and brushing the pool walls. You probably do both constantly during the summer months. During the winter months, given lower bather loads, you probably only need to brush the walls every other week. Keep your chlorine levels around 2 parts per million and your water should be clear and ready for use next spring.

If you have any pool questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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