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Pools and the Coronavirus

We want to provide as much information as we can, and the good news is that chlorine does, in fact, kill the coronavirus. Both DHEC and the CDC have confirmed this. This fact, coupled with the warm spring temps we are seeing, means that is it as critical as ever to keep your pool water properly balanced. You also need to keep algae from growing, which can lead to staining and premature plaster wear.

Additionally, the WHO has also advised that proper pool chemistry is essential for commercial and residential pools at this time. Untreated water can promote the growth of diseases other than COVID-19 (pseudomonas, cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Shigella, etc.). Controlling water quality is essential right now. So even if your pool is closed, or you aren’t planning on using it, you need to keep chemical levels up to ensure your pool water is healthy and not a breeding ground for disease.

Proper sanitization of your pool water will keep it safe for the community, safe for your family’s use (and a fun activity for your kids at this time many are experiencing more closeness than ever). Community health is the priority right now, and properly maintained pools adds to our fight against the pandemic and other diseases.

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