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Pool Services is now a Clear Comfort Dealer!

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Award-Winning AOP Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems

Pool Services Corp is proud to announce we are now a dealer of Clear Comfort’s water treatment equipment. Tired of putting more chemicals into your pool? Clear Comfort is the answer. Clear Comfort provides better oxidation without additional chemicals. How The Technology Works:

Our patented, independently tested technology sanitizes your pool using a process similar to the way that air is naturally cleaned in the atmosphere. An advanced oxidation process (AOP) creates hydroxyl radicals to provide powerful, immediate, and enduring sanitation. Enabling you to eliminate or reduce chlorine, Clear Comfort’s nontoxic swimming pool system is safer, healthier, and more cost-effective.

What Clear Comfort Users Say:

“We just love how easy it is to use the Clear Comfort system. My pool is chlorine-free so it always looks great and there is no chlorine sting nor skin irritation.” – George H., California

Clear, healthy, and fresh-feeling water with drinking water chlorine levels 0.5 ppm or less.

A simple installation and easy system maintenance with an annual 5-minute cartridge exchange.

Eliminate chlorine and salt handling, storing, and spread into our ecosystem.

Our products are protected with industry-leading system warranties and money-back guarantees.

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Clear Comfort’s non-chlorine pool and spa systems rejuvenate your swimming and pool ownership experience. From simplified management to health and environment protection, our non-toxic, sustainable pool system aligns with your lifestyle.

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